Details, Early Results, New Year, 1999 to 2000

The transition to the year 2000 is a major event all around the world, and, of course a major event for the Global Consciousness Project. This page provides access to detailed versions of early results as they come in.

Formal Year 2000 Analyses, GdB

Most of the following tables and figures were created by George deBeaumont. Interpretive remarks are by Roger Nelson, whom you should contact if you have questions.

On Saturday, 1 Jan 2000, George sent the first-cut analyses of the set of 21 eggs which had reported as of that date. Seven have not yet reported, but probably do have data. The first two items here are duplicated in the previous page of early results, but are included here for completeness. The table lists the eggs ordered by longitude. The figures show the cumulative deviation of Chisquare (Z²) from theoretical expectation versus the time in seconds (or degrees of freedom). Each line represents one egg as it sees the Y2K rollover, and shows 1/2 hour before and after the event.

Table 1: Descriptive Information, All Eggs as of 2000-01-01

Table 1: Y2K, EGG table

Suva, Fiji; Auckland, New Zealand, 111

Suva, Fiji, 100 and
Auckland, NZ, 111

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia Egg

Chennai, India

India, Chennai Egg

Europe: Wien, Austria; Neuchatel, Switzerland; Freiburg, Germany

European Eggs

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland Egg

Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil

Brazilian Egg

US Eastern: Princeton, NJ; Knoxville, TN; State College, PA; West Henrietta, NY

Eastern USA Eggs

Central and Mountain: Black Forest, CO; Edmonton, AB, Canada

Central and Mountain Eggs

US Pacific: Laguna Niguel, CA; San Francisco, CA; Santa Clara, CA

West Coast Eggs

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